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  1. This is super exciting to see longer videos and more teachers! I would happily pay more for the patreon if it means higher volume of videos. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. Jeremyさん、

      Thank you for leaving us the feedback. It helps me a lot and motivates me to prepare for the new content for sure! 🙂
      I thought I talked too long, but I’m glad to learn that you prefer to see the long ones! You see, I really enjoyed introducing something that I like. And especially for the higher level content, I could elaborate the story in many ways!

  2. Nice to see that there will be more teachers in the project! I watch about 5-10 videos per day and it’s been really helpful, so the more the better!

    1. Hi 勇利さん,
      Thank you for the feedback. 🙂
      I’m happy to know that you enjoy the variety of the different teachers in this team now! 5-10 videos per day, that’s really impressive! Your comment motivated me to create more and more engaging (hopefully) content. ありがとう!

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