このサイト”Comprehensible Japanese”では、文法ルールの説明をしたり単語やフレーズを教えたりはしません。

その代わりに、私が皆さんに”Comprehensible Japanese”つまり”わかりやすい日本語”で話します。



  • 全て日本語で、ゆっくり、はっきり話します。
  • 短いシンプルな文で話します。
  • よく使われる単語を、実際の会話で使用される形で繰り返し使います。
  • 話しながら絵を描いたりジェスチャーをしたりします。
  • 別の表現に言い換えたり類義語を使ったりします。




私の教授法はDr. Krashen’sのインプット仮説に基づいています。
Dr. Beniko MasonによるStory-Listeningという教授法と、Blaine Ray氏によって開発されたTPRSという教授法、そしてPablo Roman氏によるYouTubeチャンネルDreaming Spanishからもインスピレーションを受けて、今の動画のスタイルを確立しました。


会員登録をするとComprehensible Japaneseの全ての動画が観られます。


Hello, I’m Yuki Kimura, a native Japanese speaker living in Fukuoka, Japan. I make Japanese lesson videos to help beginning and intermediate learners.

Let me give you a quick introduction to my teaching method and how it’s effective.

Here on this website “Comprehensible Japanese”, I will not be teaching you Japanese grammar rules or giving you a list of useful expressions.

Instead, I will be talking to you in “Comprehensible Japanese”.

Dr. Stephen Krashen, a famous linguist in the field of second language acquisition, says that we learn language in only one way. And that is when we understand messages. When we understand what we hear and read.

In my videos,

  • I talk all in Japanese, slowly and clearly.
  • I talk in simple and short sentences.
  • I use high-frequency words repeatedly in the form that they would be used in actual conversation.
  • I draw pictures and use gestures while speaking.
  • I often rephrase sentences and use synonyms.

I do all these things to make the content comprehensible for you, to make sure that you understand messages.

Forget that it’s in a foreign language. Just sit and enjoy watching my videos repeatedly, and you will get used to the sounds of the Japanese language and gradually start picking up words and expressions and even grammar in the contexts.

Currently there are three levels of lessons on this site : Complete Beginner, Beginner and Intermediate. Choose your level and topics of your interest, and let’s enjoy learning Japanese with me!

My teaching method is based on Dr. Krashen’s Input hypothesis.
I drew inspiration from teaching methods called Story-Listening established by Dr. Beniko Mason, TPRS developed by Blaine Ray, and a very successful YouTube channel Dreaming Spanish by Pablo Roman.

I tweet in simple Japanese for the learners to practice reading.
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