・When is the billing date?
Your first payment will be charged when you join. You’re going to be charged monthly on that same date. (Changed to “Subscription Billing” as of 9/28/2022)

・How do I login and access the members-only videos?
After you sign up for Patreon($5 tier), click one of the members-only videos. (Make sure you’re logged into Patreon.) Click “Refresh” below the “Unlock with Patreon” button, click “Allow”, and you can access the members-only videos.

・I’m a new Patron at $5 tier, but I can’t access the members-only videos.
You can access the members-only content immediately after you sign up, but might lose access if your payment transaction takes time to go through. You will have access again when the payment is completed, so please try again after a while.

・How do I connect Discord to Patreon?
Please follow the steps on this page↓

・How can I cancel?
Please follow the steps on this page↓

・What happens when I cancel?
If you cancel, you retain your original membership access up to the next billing date. You are not billed on the next billing date and lose membership access. 
If you rejoin before your original access has ended, you’ll keep your original bill date. If you cancel and rejoin after your original access has ended, you’ll be treated as a new patron and your new join date will be your monthly billing date. 
Due to timezone differences, Patreon recommends canceling at least 24 hours before your next billing date if you don’t want your bill to renew. 

・What happens when I upgrade/downgrade my pledge level?
If you upgrade – you will be charged the difference between your previous pledge level and your new pledge level as soon as you upgrade, and get instant access to the benefits of new pledge level. You will be charged the new amount on the 1st of the upcoming month.
If you downgrade – You’ll remain on your original tier until the next billing date. You’ll have access to the downgraded tier membership on your next billing date. 

Here is the link to Patreon Help center.
Please check if it has answers to your question.

If you still have a problem or question, feel free to contact me 😊