User-submitted Resources

In Comprehensible Japanese Discord community, the members are sharing their recommended immersion resources and learning tools.
Here is the list of the resources submitted by the members!

Comprehensible JapaneseのDiscordでは、メンバーの皆さんがおすすめの学習リソースやツールをシェアしています。

Videos / Anime / Shows

きっずちゅーぶ/絵本読み聞かせ動画チャンネル (YouTube)

ぼくケルプ うみのユニコーン. (Netflix Anime)

あたしんち(YouTube Anime)

animelon (online, free)

三本塾 (YouTube)

しのせんせい (YouTube)

Kiraku Japanese (YouTube)


Fuji Nihongo Gakuin (富士日本語学院)(YouTube)

Akiko_Japanese Learner Community (YouTube)


The Bite size Japanese Podcast


Tanaka Radio

Laid-back Japanese Podcast

Reading Materials

10分で読める物語シリーズ (book)

さくら多読ラボ (online, free)

Satori Reader (online/ mobile app, free/paid)

Easy Japanese (online, free)

NHK News Web Easier (online, free)

Corocoro Comic (online manga, free)

Japanese IO

Free Tadoku graded readers, grouped by level in separate PDFs

絵本ひろば (Website)

ナラティブで学ぶ日本語160時間 (Learn Japanese Through Narratives in 160 Hours)
Where to buy the book
The free video course


Migaku Kanji GOD addon

Wanikani (online, paid)

Kamesame (online)

Remembering the Kanji (textbook)

Kanji Learner’s Course (KLC) Graded Reading Sets (book available on Amazon)

Grammar help

Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure (book)

Kanshudo (grammar reference site)

Dictionary of Japanese Grammar (grammar reference site)

Cure Dolly (YouTube)

Grammar articles on Tofugu (online, free)

Bunpro (online, paid)

Genki (textbook)

Japanese from Zero (textbook)

Online dictionaries



Other helpful tools/sites

The Moe Way
a list of free resources for TV shows, Anime, and Movies

Immersion Kit
a site to search words in a database of anime/dramas/games/literature

a site that searches YouTube and shows you places that the word has been used

Making a sentence mining database in Notion
YouTube video explaining the process