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  1. No no, I thought this one was beginner level. I just meant that I just noticed there is also an advanced section of videos. : D
    The level of this video is perfect for beginner.

    1. ジェレミーさん、説明ありがとう!
      It’s great that I get the feedback like yours immediately. Because I am still learning to create good contents and level calibration is very important to reach to the most appropriate learners. So thanks again! 🥰

  2. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite platforms for learning Japanese. Excited to see that there are advanced videos too now.

    1. ジェレミーさん、動画(どうが)を見てくれてありがとうございます😊 
      So I guess that you felt this one was advanced level. Thank you for letting me know so that I will try to adjust my way of talking in the video when I create a video for the beginners next time. It has to be comprehensible to the beginners😝

      And yes, I enjoy providing the advanced contents, too! There are some intermediate level videos that I have already recorded, so I hope you enjoy them , too!

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