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  1. この部分ちょっと分からない「見るわけですかそれ」この”わけ”まったく分からない、英語で説明してお願いします:)

    1. 難しいですね😅
      It’s essentially the same as asking “ポーランド語で見るんですか?”, but this “わけですか” question has the nuance that the speaker is making an inference based on the prior conversation and is trying to confirm if it’s correct.
      So, in this case, I’m inferring from the fact that Yoshito先生 is learning Polish that he probably watches the Polish movies in Polish. And by asking 「ポーランド語で見る”わけ”ですか?」, I’m essentially saying “Am I correct in understanding that you watch the Polish movies in Polish because you’re learning the language?”

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