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  1. Interesting topic, it is something I’m grateful for that we can learn from her experience of living abroad, wow when it comes to communication Saudi Arabia & Japan are the opposite, when my friend asks me if I’m free on a specific day I directly say no without even apologizing, I either say No I have some work to do or that I do not want to go out simply

    1. Hi Kaito san, thanks for the comment. I am glad the conversation was interesting to you. And I enjoyed talking with Yuki sensei as you could see it in the video. Currently I am travelling in Japan and saw people walking and riding a bike all sharing the narrow side walk without bumping to each other, and I thought wow! They can do that maybe because they respect rules and being very observant of each other. I thought it was miraculous. It is so harmonized. This I observed in both Tokyo and Osaka.

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