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  1. Hey Yuki Sensei, I just want to ask you divide or organize your videos to (Complete Beginner – Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced) Based on what? I know it is based on level but is it on Grammar? Slow or Fast paced speech? Choice of words?

    And if you can tell me like the Advanced Level is close to which level of the JLPT? N3?

    1. Hi Kaitoさん,
      Thank you for your question.
      I think studying for JLPT and acquiring Japanese through CI are two different things. So it’s hard to say which level on our site is compatible with which level in JLPT.
      In exams like JLPT, the vocabulary becomes more difficult and infrequently used ones and the grammar becomes more complex as the level gets higher. But our way of teaching doesn’t exactly work that way in my opinion.
      Even if it’s considered to be a more advanced level vocabulary or grammar in the JLPT scale, it can be used in a Complete Beginner /Beginner video as long as it’s made comprehensible.
      I would say our video level division is based on how much aid we give you to help you understand the content, rather than the difficulty of the words or grammar itself. By aid I mean, like, slower speech, gestures, drawings, images, rephrasing and so on. The more advanced the video level is, the less aid you will get from us.
      Sorry it might not be answering your question exactly, but this is how I see the level devision on this site.

      1. Yeah I understand now, and that is my goal from learning Japanese since the beginning I only wanted to learn through Comprehensible Input, and I remember when I used to watch your complete beginner videos and not understand everything, and now I watch the advanced level videos and only miss 4-5 words per vid, however I just decided to enroll to the JLPT this December as a challenge that’s why I was asking 🙂

  2. こんにちは 有紀先生

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