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  1. 面白かったです。ウズベキスタンって、すごく面白いけどサマルカンドだけじゃなくて、特にブハラとヒヴァという町がすごく歴史的な建物が多くて、昔にタイムスリップしたみたいです。となりのトルクメニスタンやタジキスタンもとても良くて、いろんな、欧米や日本と全然違う文化や風景が経験できます。

  2. Hi sensei! I don’t have my japanese keyboard BUT I really, really enjoyed this video!! I’m a traveler as well and in 2020 I lived in New Zealand,therefore I got lots of memories!!
    And also, I’m very happy because I could understand 90% of this video!! THAT’S a lot for me!!

    I have been learning so much from you, thank you for all your hard work!! As always, I really aprecciate what you’re doing in this amazing website!!

    I hope to travel to Singapur someday!! I’m waiting for Momo’s sensei video about her trip!!

    Thank you so so so much!!

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